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NETTCP - NorthEast Transportation Technician Certification Program
NETTCP Organizational Policies
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NETTCP Applications
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Interim Certification Registration Form  

Interim Certification Policy

Interim Certification for Technicians or Inspectors is defined as that status which is granted to an individual, by NETTCP, based solely on experience and/or informal training. It shall be granted only when an individual cannot attain formal qualification due to circumstances beyond his/her control. Interim Certifications shall be valid only for the construction season subsequent to the date of issuance of that certification. Interim certification for Technician or Inspectors are offered for all certifications with the exception of the Quality Assurance Technologist.

Applicants are required to produce the following:
  1. A resume that clearly indicates the individual’s experience in the area of the certification for which is being sought.

  2. Documentation that the individual has worked under the direct supervision of a NETTCP Certified Technician or Inspector, within the same area of expertise, for a minimum of thirty (30 days). During this work period, the individual must demonstrate their ability to perform the procedures and calculations as required by NETTCP for that area in which interim certification is sought. The completed evaluation form shall be signed by the NETTCP Certified Technician(s) or Inspector(s) who supervised the training. Evaluation forms cannot be signed by Interim certified people. Please review the Sign-Off policy when signing off on an Interim Certification. The evaluation form is not required for Drilled Shaft Inspector, Driven Pile Inspector or Subsurface Inspector.

  3. Prerequisites such as ACI Grade 1 Field Certification for the Concrete Technician or Nuclear Gauge Certification for the HMA Paving Inspector and Soils and Aggregate Inspector will still be required for Interim Certification.

Interim Certified Technicians or Inspectors who wish to continue performing testing and inspection services that require certification through NETTCP shall attain that certification before the succeeding construction season. Full time students may apply for an additional season of Interim Certification between school years. Such students must meet the conditions stated above, and shall substantiate their intent to register for the succeeding fall semester.

Individuals seeking Interim Certification shall contact NETTCP and complete Registration Form and Evaluation Forms (if required) and provide resume along with copies of any additional required certifications and money to NETTCP.

Those individuals who receive an Interim Certification must attend the next available certification course if one is scheduled during the year. If the interim certified individual does not attend the course or pass the examination(s) their interim certification will be revoked.

Interim certified individuals are subject to examination by state DOT’s to verify their competence.


Laboratory Qualification Program

The Federal Regulation for Quality Assurance Procedures for Construction (23 CFR 637) identifies the following three requirements for the qualification of laboratories:
  • State Agency Central Laboratory - must be AAP accredited by June 30, 1997
  • Contractor Laboratories performing Independent Assurance (IA) or Dispute Resolution - must be AAP accredited by June 29, 2000
  • Contractor & Other State Agency Laboratories Performing Sampling & Testing used for Acceptance - must be “qualified” through appropriate programs established by each state by June 29, 2000
The following is the Laboratory Qualification Program established to address the third bullet above.

Program Description
This Laboratory Qualification Program (LQP) will be administered by the NorthEast Transportation Training and Certification Program (NETTCP) and implemented by each participating state in accordance with procedures established under the auspices of the NETTCP. The following three Laboratory Categories have been established for the NETTCP LQP:

1-Transportation Agency laboratories other than the Central Laboratory (Satellite/District/Regional/Project) laboratories performing acceptance testing
2-Contractor or Consultant laboratories that are utilized by:
  • Transportation Agency Personnel performing Acceptance testing; or
  • Consultant personnel performing Acceptance as “Designated Agent” to The Transportation Agency; or
  • Contractor or Consultant personnel performing Quality Control Testing that may be used in the Acceptance decision.
3Contractor or Consultant laboratories performing only QC testing.

For a complete copy of the NETTCP Laboratory Qualification Program (LQP) please contact NETTCP.

Those agencies, contractors and suppliers who have laboratories and are seeking to have them qualified should contact NETTCP for scheduling and associated costs.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities. We respect your right to keep your personal information confidential and understand your desire to avoid unwanted solicitations. Please review our privacy policy to gain a better understanding of what we do with the information you provide us and how we keep it private and secure.

A. Types of Information We Collect

We collect certain personal information about you but only when that information is provided by you or is obtained by us with your authorization. We use that information to register you for training and certification classes, and to make your certification status available at your request.

Examples of sources from which we collect information include:
  • interviews and phone calls with you
  • letters or e-mails from you
  • registrations submitted by you or by another person on your behalf
B. Use of Cookies

NETTCP uses browser "cookies" for customer sessions. A cookie is a small file stored by the browser that can only be read by the same server that set it. NETTCP does not store any sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or passwords, in the cookies it uses. When NETTCP creates a shopping cart for a customer, it will set a cookie to associate the customer with a particular shopping cart. There are several situations, in addition to adding products to a cart, which will cause a shopping cart to be created, including registered customer log-in, or coming to the store from an associate link. If the customer has cookies disabled, the shopping cart will be linked to the customer's IP address.

If a registered customer logs in, a cookie is created that tells NETTCP who it is. This is a "session" cookie, which means it will expire as soon as the customer closes their browser, or does not do anything on the store Website for an extended period of time, or if the customer completes an order.

When a customer selects tax, shipping, or payment method options, and then clicks on Checkout on the main shopping cart screen, these selections are stored in a cookie. This allows NETTCP to "remember" the customer's selections if they return to the store to place another order. The cookie will expire one year from the date it was created. If the customer's browser does not allow cookies, the "memory" feature will not be available.

C. Parties to Whom We Disclose Information

As a rule, we do not disclose personal information about our certification holders or former certification holders to anyone. However, to the extent permitted by law and any applicable state Code of Professional Conduct, certain nonpublic information about you may be disclosed in the following situations:

To comply with a validly issued and enforceable subpoena or summons.

In the course of a review of our organization’s practices under the authorization of a state or national licensing board, or as necessary to properly respond to an inquiry or complaint from such a licensing board of organization.

As a part of any actual or threatened legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution proceedings initiated either by or against us, provided we disclose only the information necessary to file, pursue, or defend against the lawsuit and take reasonable precautions to ensure that the information disclosed does not become a matter of public record.

To provide information to affiliates of the organization and nonaffiliated third parties who perform services or functions for us in conjunction with our services to you, but only if we have a contractual agreement with the other party which prohibits them from disclosing or using the information other than for the purposes for which it was disclosed.

D. Confidentiality and Security of Nonpublic Personal Information

Except as otherwise described in this notice, we restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to employees of our organization and other parties who must use that information to provide services to you. Their right to further disclose and use the information is limited by the policies of our organization, applicable law, our Code of Professional Conduct, and nondisclosure agreements where appropriate. We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable laws and regulations to guard your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, or premature destruction.

E. Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Phone:  (781) 837-2680
  • Fax:       (781) 837-2683
  • E-Mail:
  • Mail:     NETTCP, P.O. Box 722, Marshfield, MA 02050


Refund Policy

  1. Registration Form(s) and fee(s) must be received by NETTCP fifteen (15) days prior to the start of the course.

  2. Cancellation by the candidate within ten (10) days before the start of the scheduled course will result in a 50% refund. Cancellation by the candidate within five (5) days before the start of the scheduled course will result in no refund.

  3. If a candidate does not attend the course for which he/she had applied and paid for and did not notify NETTCP within the required time frames, no refund will be issued.

  4. Unforeseen emergency during the course will result in no refund but the candidate will be allowed to retake the course at a later date with an additional fee of 15% of the course cost.


Course Cancellation Policy

  1. NETTCP reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses based on candidate registrations. If NETTCP cancels a course or changes the schedule, candidates will be notified within ten (10) days of the original scheduled course. If a candidate is unable to attend a rescheduled course the course fee will be refunded.

  2. If inclement weather is possible, candidates scheduled to attend a certification course should verify if the course will be held or cancelled. A decision will be made by NETTCP as soon as possible prior to the start of the course. Candidates can call NETTCP at 1-800-338-5535 or or check the NETTCP website to find out the status of a scheduled course or contact the hotel or facility where the course is scheduled to be held.


Replacement Certification Cards

Certified people can obtain a replacement certification card from NETTCP at the cost of $25.00. In some cases it may be necessary to supply NETTCP with a digital photograph of the certified person.


Re-Certification Policy

  1. The certification period for all individuals who were certified beginning December 1, 1998 is five (5) years.

  2. Re-certification will require participation and successful completion of a course and examination.

  3. NETTCP will notify certified individuals when their re-certification is due.

  4. Certified individuals will have one (1) year from their expiration date to attend and complete a re-certification course in order to remain certified. During this one year grace period the individual will not be recognized as certified and will not be able to sign off on course candidates.

Please note that it is the individual’s responsibility to notify NETTCP of an address change.


De-Certification Policy

  1. A certified individual shall be de-certified for failure to comply with the NETTCP re-certification policy.

  2. A certified individual may be de-certified for any of the following reasons:
    • Found to be guilty of falsifying test result records and/or reports or recommending acceptance of obviously defective material.
    • Improper performance of sampling, testing or inspection to assure the quality of material or workmanship.
    • Failure to comply with the NETTCP “Sign-off” Policy.
    • Any attempt to influence an examiner for a passing grade.
    • Copying or taping (audio or visual) of NETTCP examinations (written or performance) shall not be allowed and such action by a person will result in the removal of all NETTCP certifications and NETTCP reserves the right to prohibit that person from participating in future certification courses.

  3. NETTCP may issue warnings, suspensions of certifications or other disciplinary actions as the NETTCP deems appropriate for the offense committed.

  4. The offenses cited in paragraphs a and b of Section 2 above shall be documented by a NETTCP certified individual or current NETTCP Board or Committee Member on a NETTCP Report of Improper Testing or Inspection Form.

  5. A certified individual who has received disciplinary action pursuant to this policy may appeal the action by submitting a written response within thirty (30) days after receipt of such disciplinary action. The response shall be addressed to the Executive Director of the NETTCP and a hearing with the NETTCP Executive Committee will be scheduled within sixty (60) days of such response. Following the hearing the NETTCP Executive Committee will issue its final decision within thirty (30) days.


Complaints and Protests Policy

Any candidate wishing to register a complaint/protest regarding a course, examiner, examination result, or a Board decision must do so in writing within thirty (30) days of the event. The written complaint/protest must be specific with regards to location, person(s) involved (if any), date, and the exact nature of the complaint/protest. The written complaint/protest must be dated and bear the name and signature of the person making the complaint/protest.

All complaints/protests will be addressed by the NETTCP Executive Committee (excluding any members directly involved with the complaint/protest). All complaints/protests will be answered in writing within sixty (60) days of receipt and all decisions will be final.


Records Policy

  1. All records (registrations, evaluation forms, examinations, etc.) are the property of NETTCP.

  2. Written and performance examinations will be maintained by NETTCP for a period of nine (9) months. Following the nine (9) month period all examinations will be destroyed.

  3. Personal information (home address, telephone number, etc.) of candidates will not be made available to the public. Access to this information is only available to NETTCP or its representative.

  4. The individual's name, certification type, certification number, date of expiration and the employer at the time of certification will be made available on the NETTCP website.


Modified Exam Consideration Policy

Individuals who require physical or administrative accommodations during testing must contact NETTCP in writing a minimum of three weeks prior to the scheduled exam date. Requests for accommodations are handled on a case by case basis and may require documentation from the individual.

NETTCP will make a reasonable effort to provide accommodations where the integrity of the exam process and the safety of the participants and instructors are not compromised.


Sign-Off Policy

Certified Individuals who are signing off on candidates that require a completed evaluation form (PG Binder and Interim certification) have a responsibility to ensure that the candidate meets the required prerequisites.

The NETTCP Board of Directors adopted the following policy:

“If a certified individual signs off on a candidate for an interim certification, the certified individual may be asked to submit written documentation of the criteria he/she used to warrant the sign-off. If the written documentation is not satisfactory to the Executive Committee, disciplinary action up to revocation of certification(s) may be taken.”


NETTCP Scholarships

Educational Scholarships

NETTCP will be awarding a minimum of five $3000 annual scholarships to deserving undergraduate students who are residents in or attending school within one of the member states and have at least completed their first year in an appropriate engineering or construction technology program with an interest in the construction materials field. Preference will be given to those students with a strong interest in construction materials in one of the following disciplines. The scholarships will be awarded as follows:
  • The “Robert Joubert Scholarship” will be awarded to a student with an interest in the Hot Mix Asphalt Industry.
  • The “Robert Barton Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded to a student with an interest in the Portland Cement Concrete Industry.
  • The “Leo Stevens Scholarship” will be awarded to a student enrolled in an engineering or construction technology program.
  • The “Jack Stephens Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded to a student with an interest in research.
  • The “Jeffrey Pochily Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded to a student with an interest in testing, inspection, and quality control.
Students wishing to apply should fill out the application and submit it with the required materials to NETTCP no later than Oct. 10th. Information received after this deadline will not be considered for the scholarship review process. Applications will be reviewed by NETTCP and scholarship recipients will be notified by Nov. 10th. Scholarships will be presented at the NETTCP Annual Meeting in December.

Required Materials:
  1. Completed Scholarship Application form
  2. Applicant’s resume
  3. Current academic transcript
  4. Applicant’s statement (500 words or less) as to why he/she should receive one of the NETTCP scholarships. The statement should include any experience you have within your major field and your future goals.
  5. Two letters of reference (use reference form)
    Letters of reference should be submitted directly to NETTCP or may be included in signed, sealed envelopes with the application materials.

Return the complete application and supporting materials to:

P.O. Box 880
Marshfield, MA 02050
(781) 837-2680

Applications may also be submitted electronically at:

Membership Policy

The development and implementation of the NorthEast Transportation Training and Certification Program (NETTCP) has been made possible through funding contributions from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the six New England states, contractors, consulting firms, private testing labs and industry associations. This funding has allowed NETTCP to develop courses, retain the services of consultants to develop manuals, conduct pilot courses, work on standardization issues, develop and print the policy and procedures manuals, etc. As more courses continue to be developed, there needs to be a partnership in funding the development of new courses and other developmental work as approved by the NETTCP Board of Directors.

The six New England states, the FHWA and the FAA have collectively committed nearly $250,000 to the initial development of the program. Industry as a whole has contributed approximately $60,000. Therefore, to encourage industry contributions and to sustain the continued development and success of the NETTCP, the following policy statement has been developed.

Founding Sponsor
Those organizations/companies that made an initial grant of at least $1,000.00 to NETTCP will be identified as Founding Sponsors The names of Founding Sponsors will be listed on NETTCP publications alongside the state agencies as the sponsoring organizations of the NETTCP.

Corporate Membership
Those companies that make a yearly gtrant of at least $1,000.00 to NETTCP.

State or Regional Association Membership
Those companies that make a yearly gtrant of at least $2,500.00 to NETTCP.

National Organization Membership
Those companies that make a yearly gtrant of at least $5,000.00 to NETTCP.

Each member will receive the following benefits:
  • Member rates to attend courses
  • Member companies will be invoiced for candidates attending courses
  • Access to your certified employees on the NETTCP website
  • Standing invitations to attend NETTCP Board of Directors meetings as visitors
  • “Certificate of Membership”
  • Name listed on NETTCP publications
  • Free advertising on the NETTCP website and a link to your website
  • $400 from each membership fee is placed into the NETTCP scholarship fund.
Membership will be renewed annually at the start of the calendar year (January 1st) and the membership fee must be received by February 15th in order to receive all of the benefits.

Membership Application

Those organizations/companies or individuals that are Non-Members will be assessed a per participant fee of approximately 35% above the course cost to register individuals in the NETTCP training and certification courses.

Note: This policy is a guideline and subject to case-by-case approval by the NETTCP Executive Committee.


Photograph Policy

All people attending a NETTCP course for certification shall have their picture taken at that course. The photograph shall be used for the following two purposes:
  1. The photograph will be used on the certification identification card.
  2. The photograph will be used on the NETTCP website for certification verification.