Precast Concrete Inspector

This course has been developed to be an equivalent to the national PCI Quality Control Technician/Inspector Level 2 certification and is accepted by the member states of NETTCP. The course is designed for those individuals responsible for the inspection of precast plant operations including precast/prestressing operations, materials and preplacement, placement and post placement operations. Suggested participants would include contractor and supplier quality control personnel, consultants, testing firms and agency resident engineers or inspectors who are responsible for the quality assurance for the production of precast/prestress products. This course can also be attended by those wanting to take the PCI Level 2 exam. Contact NETTCP for pricing.

Certification Process

  1. Meet the prerequisites below for taking the Precast Concrete Inspector Certification Course.
  2. Select a course and register online
  3. Attend the Precast Concrete Inspector Certification Course in its entirety.
  4. Successfully pass the written examination.

Course Prerequisites

  1. High School Diploma, G.E.D. or prior approval from NETTCP
  2. A current NETTCP Concrete Technician Certification (need to have a current ACI Grade I)
  3. It is strongly recommended that the candidate have at least six (6) months experience working in precast plants covering the topics that the candidate will be examined on at the course.
  4. The registration form must be signed by a NETTCP certified Precast Concrete Inspector or the candidate’s supervisor that indicates they are aware of the experience recommendations.

Course Outline

AASHTO Process Recommended
Specifications YES W
Precast/Prestress Products YES W
Concrete ingredients (cements, admixtures, aggregates, mixing) YES W
Quality Control Tests YES W
Plan Reading YES W
Inspector's Duties YES W
Prestressing Procedures YES W
Pre-placement Operations (formwork, reinforcement, etc...) YES W
Placement Operations (delivery, consolidation and finishing) YES W
Post-placement Operations (curing and repair) YES W
In-place Testing NO W


Course Exam

  1. Written Examination For New Certification and Re-certification
    • Closed book examination
    • The exam is divided into four sections
      • Precast/Prestressing Operations
      • Plan Reading
      • Materials and Testing
      • Preplacement, Placement, and Post Placement Operations
    • Written examination must be completed within ninety (90) minutes.
  1. Passing Grades for New Certification and Re-certification
    • Certification or re-certification will be granted to a candidate who achieves a minimum grade of 60% in each of the four sections in the examination with an overall minimum grade of 70% for the entire examination.
  1. Re-examination Policies
    • A candidate failing the written examination will be required to retake the examination.
    • Only one (1) re-examination will be allowed.
    • Candidates failing the re-examination will be required to retake the entire certification course and examination at full cost.
    • The cost for a re-examination is $100.00 and re-examinations must be completed within six (6) months of the candidate’s initial examination date.


The NETTCP does not offer Re-Certification course for Precast Inspector.  Please register for a new certification course to maintain your Precast certification.