Reasonable Access and Modified Exam Consideration Policies

Pursuant to applicable State and Federal anti-discrimination laws, NETTCP will provide “Reasonable Accommodations”1 to disabled and/or handicapped individuals to ensure those individuals have a reasonable opportunity to participate in NETTCP’s programs.  NETTCP will comply with its obligations to provide Reasonable Accommodations for persons with disabilities, including but not limited to allowing service animal access, arranging for auxiliary aids for deaf and hard of hearing people, modified exam consideration, and other changes to programs or policies that would constitute a Reasonable Accommodation under applicable laws. 

If you are a qualified handicapped/disabled person enrolled in one of our programs, and you believe that a reasonable accommodation will be necessary, please contact NETTCP’s Executive Director as soon as possible before your program (but at least three (3)  weeks prior to the start of your program) so NETTCP can appropriately evaluate your request.



  1. The term “Reasonable Accommodation” is a term defined under state and federal law.  It does not refer to “accommodations” for temporary living arrangements or hotel stays for individuals participating in an NETTCP program.