De-Certification Policy

Northeast Transportation Training and Certification Program (NETTCP)
Decertification Policy and Procedure


  1. All existing NETTCP certifications shall be suspended temporarily by the NETTCP Executive Director when there is reasonably credible evidence that a certification holder has engaged in any activity that violates the NETTCP Code of Ethics. 
  1. Temporary Suspension of Certifications for a certification holder is warranted for any of the following activities:
  2. Falsifying test result records and/or reports.
    Purposely performing sampling, testing or inspection to misrepresent the quality of material or workmanship.
    Influencing or coercing an examiner or instructor for favorable treatment.
    Copying, recording (video, photo, or any other means), duplicating in any format, possessing, and/or distributing NETTCP examination materials.
    Other situations that come to the attention of the NETTCP.
  1. The offences cited in paragraphs a and b of section 2 above shall be documented by a NETTCP certified individual or current NETTCP Board or Committee Member on a NETTCP Report of Improper Testing or Inspection form and submitted to the NETTCP Executive Director. All other activities that either violate or are perceived to have violated the NETTCP Code of Ethics, Policies, or Procedures should be brought to the NETTCP Executive Director directly, or through a member of the NETTCP Executive Committee or Board of Directors, either verbally or in writing.
  1. Once the NETTCP Executive Director receives a report or complaint of an individual suspected of engagement in any of the above activities, the following process will be followed:  
    The NETTCP Executive Director, or designee(s), shall immediately investigate the report or complaint and communicate any preliminary findings to the NETTCP Executive Committee.
    The NETTCP Executive Director or designee(s) and NETTCP Executive Committee will jointly decide if a continuance of the temporary suspension is warranted.
    If suspension is warranted, the NETTCP Executive Director will immediately notify the certification holder about the report or complaint and of the status of their NETTCP certification(s). The certification holder’s employer will also be notified of the action taken by NETTCP.
    The individual will be informed that they have 21-calendar days from the time of their notification to contact the NETTCP Executive Committee to respond to the allegations. Failure to contact the NETTCP within the 21-calendar day window shall be considered non-responsive, resulting in full revocation of all NETTCP certifications held.
    Once the individual has responded to and/or met with the NETTCP Executive Committee and Executive Director, a decision will be made and voted on by the voting members of the NETTCP Executive Committee. This could include anything from reinstatement of all certifications to full revocation of all certifications, depending on the severity of the violation. The NETTCP Executive Director will notify in writing, such as by email, the individual of said decision. The NETTCP Executive Director will also notify in writing, such as by email, the individual’s employer of the decision.
  1. A certification holder who has had a certification suspended or revoked pursuant to paragraph e of section 4 of this this policy may appeal the action by submitting a written response, with additional information, within thirty (30) days after receipt of the notification. The response shall be addressed to the NETTCP Executive Director and a hearing with the NETTCP Executive Committee will be scheduled within sixty (60) days. Following the hearing the NETTCP Executive Committee will issue its final decision within thirty (30) days.