De-Certification Policy

  1. A certified individual shall be de-certified for failure to comply with the NETTCP re-certification policy.

  2. A certified individual may be de-certified for any of the following reasons:
    • Found to be guilty of falsifying test result records and/or reports or recommending acceptance of obviously defective material.
    • Improper performance of sampling, testing or inspection to assure the quality of material or workmanship.
    • Failure to comply with the NETTCP “Sign-off” Policy.
    • Any attempt to influence an examiner for a passing grade.
    • Copying or taping (audio or visual) of NETTCP examinations (written or performance) shall not be allowed and such action by a person will result in the removal of all NETTCP certifications and NETTCP reserves the right to prohibit that person from participating in future certification courses.
  3. NETTCP may issue warnings, suspensions of certifications or other disciplinary actions as the NETTCP deems appropriate for the offense committed.

  4. The offenses cited in paragraphs a and b of Section 2 above shall be documented by a NETTCP certified individual or current NETTCP Board or Committee Member on a NETTCP Report of Improper Testing or Inspection Form

  5. A certified individual who has received disciplinary action pursuant to this policy may appeal the action by submitting a written response within thirty (30) days after receipt of such disciplinary action. The response shall be addressed to the Executive Director of the NETTCP and a hearing with the NETTCP Executive Committee will be scheduled within sixty (60) days of such response. Following the hearing the NETTCP Executive Committee will issue its final decision within thirty (30) days.