Laboratory Qualification Program

The Federal Regulation for Quality Assurance Procedures for Construction (23 CFR 637) identifies the following three requirements for the qualification of laboratories:
  • State Agency Central Laboratory - must be AAP accredited by June 30, 1997
  • Contractor Laboratories performing Independent Assurance (IA) or Dispute Resolution - must be AAP accredited by June 29, 2000
  • Contractor & Other State Agency Laboratories Performing Sampling & Testing used for Acceptance - must be “qualified” through appropriate programs established by each state by June 29, 2000
The following is the Laboratory Qualification Program established to address the third bullet above. 

Program Description 
This Laboratory Qualification Program (LQP) will be administered by the NorthEast Transportation Training and Certification Program (NETTCP) and implemented by each participating state in accordance with procedures established under the auspices of the NETTCP. The following three Laboratory Categories have been established for the NETTCP LQP: 

  1. Transportation Agency laboratories other than the Central Laboratory (Satellite/District/Regional/Project) laboratories performing acceptance testing<\li>
  2. Contractor or Consultant laboratories that are utilized by:
    • Transportation Agency Personnel performing Acceptance testing; or
    • Consultant personnel performing Acceptance as “Designated Agent” to The Transportation Agency; or
    • Contractor or Consultant personnel performing Quality Control Testing that may be used in the Acceptance decision.
  3. Contractor or Consultant laboratories performing only QC testing.
For a complete copy of the NETTCP Laboratory Qualification Program (LQP) please contact NETTCP.

Those agencies, contractors and suppliers who have laboratories and are seeking to have them qualified should contact NETTCP for scheduling and associated costs.