Interim Certification Policy

(Effective 10/1/18) 

Interim Certification for Technicians and Inspectors is available for all NETTCP certifications except Quality Assurance Technologist and is granted to an individual based solely on experience and/or informal training. It shall be considered only when an individual cannot attain formal certification due to circumstances beyond his/her control.  Interim Certifications are valid only for the construction season following or including the date of issuance of that certification.   

Applicants are required to produce the following:

  1. A resume that clearly indicates the individual’s experience in the area of the certification which is being sought.
  2. Documentation that the individual has worked under the direct supervision of a NETTCP Certified Technician or Inspector, within the same area of expertise, for a minimum of thirty (30) days.  During this work period, the individual must demonstrate the ability to perform the procedures and calculations as required by NETTCP for that area in which interim certification is sought.  A completed evaluation of experience must be signed by a NETTCP Certified Technician(s) or Inspector(s) who has direct knowledge of the applicant’s abilities. Signers must review the Sign-Off Policy before signing off on an interim registration.
  3. Prerequisites such as ACI Grade 1 Field Certification for the Concrete Technician or Nuclear Gauge Certification for the HMA Paving Inspector and Soils and Aggregate Inspector are also required for Interim Certification.
  4. After the submittal of all the required documentation to NETTCP, the applicant must schedule an Interim Certification exam at a location determined by NETTCP. The Interim Certification exam will be administered once per applicant and cover procedures and calculations listed on the Evaluation Forms. The passing grade for the exam is a minimum of 70%.
  5. The cost for Interim Certification is $300 for members and $425 for non-members plus the cost of the certification course. Should the applicant fail the Interim Certification exam NETTCP will refund the certification course cost only.
  6. Full time college students may renew Interim Certifications prior to graduation provided that all the requirements stated above are still met. The fee will apply for each year of Interim Certification.

Technicians or Inspectors who were Interim Certified and wish to become NETTCP certified shall obtain that certification before performing testing or inspection in the following construction season.  Interim Certifications do not carry over from prior construction seasons.

Select the Interim Certification Registration below:

HMA Plant Technician Interim Certification


Those individuals who are Interim Certified must attend the next available scheduled certification course.  If the interim certified individual does not attend the course and pass the examination(s) the interim certification will be immediately revoked. 

Interim certified individuals are subject to examination by state DOT’s to verify their competence.