Membership Policy

The development and implementation of the NorthEast Transportation Training and Certification Program (NETTCP) has been made possible through funding contributions from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the six New England states, contractors, consulting firms, private testing labs and industry associations. This funding has allowed NETTCP to develop courses, retain the services of consultants to develop manuals, conduct pilot courses, work on standardization issues, develop and print the policy and procedures manuals, etc. As more courses continue to be developed, there needs to be a partnership in funding the development of new courses and other developmental work as approved by the NETTCP Board of Directors.

The six New England states, the FHWA and the FAA have collectively committed nearly $250,000 to the initial development of the program. Industry as a whole has contributed approximately $60,000. Therefore, to encourage industry contributions and to sustain the continued development and success of the NETTCP, the following policy statement has been developed.

Founding Sponsor
Those organizations/companies that made an initial grant of at least $1,000.00 to NETTCP will be identified as Founding Sponsors The names of Founding Sponsors will be listed on NETTCP publications alongside the state agencies as the sponsoring organizations of the NETTCP.

Corporate Membership
Those companies that make a yearly grant of at least $1,500.00 to NETTCP.

State or Regional Association Membership
Those companies that make a yearly grant of at least $2,500.00 to NETTCP.

National Organization Membership
Those companies that make a yearly grant of at least $5,000.00 to NETTCP.

Each member will receive the following benefits:
  • Member rates to attend courses
  • Member companies can be invoiced for candidates attending courses
  • Access to your certified employees on the NETTCP website
  • Standing invitations to attend NETTCP Board of Directors meetings as visitor
  • Name listed on NETTCP website
  • Free advertising on the NETTCP website and a link to your website
  • $500 from each membership fee is placed into the NETTCP scholarship fund
  • Membership will be renewed annually at the start of the calendar year (January 1st). Completed application and membership fee must be received by December 31st in order to receive all of the benefits.

Online Membership Application

Those organizations/companies or individuals that are Non-Members will be assessed a per participant fee of approximately 35% above the course cost to register individuals in the NETTCP training and certification courses.

Note: This policy is a guideline and subject to case-by-case approval by the NETTCP Executive Committee.