NETTCP Educational Scholarships

NETTCP will be awarding minimum annual scholarships of $2000 to deserving students who are resident in or attending school within one of the member states and have at least completed their first year in an appropriate engineering or construction technology program with an interest in the transportation construction field.  The amount of the scholarships may be increased based on monies available and number of qualified applicants.  For all qualified applicants preference in awarding scholarships will be in the following order:  first time undergraduate applicants, repeat undergraduate applicants first time graduate student applicants, and finally repeat graduate student applicants.  Preference will be given to those students with a strong interest in transportation construction or materials in one of the following disciplines.  The scholarships will be awarded as follows:

  • The “Robert Joubert Scholarship” will be awarded to a student with an interest in the Hot Mix Asphalt Industry.
  • The “Robert Barton Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded to a student with an interest in the Portland Cement Concrete Industry.
  • The “Leo Stevens Scholarship” will be awarded to a student enrolled in an engineering or construction technology program.
  • The “Jack Stephens Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded to a student with an interest in research.
  • The “Jeffrey Pochily Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded to a student with an interest in testing, inspection, and quality control.
  • The "Robert Christman Memorial Scholarship" will be awarded to a student with interest in the Hot Mix Asphalt Industry and Pavement Management.

Students wishing to apply should fill out the application and submit it with the required materials to NETTCP no later than Oct. 10th.  Information received after this deadline will not be considered for the scholarship review process. Applications will be reviewed by NETTCP and scholarship recipients will be notified by Nov. 10th.  Scholarships will be presented at the NETTCP Annual Meeting in December.  All successful applicants shall either attend the annual meeting or designate someone to be there to accept the award.  If this requirement is not met the award will be forfeited. 

Required Materials:

  1. Completed scholarship application form
  2. Applicant’s resume
  3. Current academic transcript
  4. Applicant’s statement (500 words or less) as to why he/she should receive one of the NETTCP scholarships.  The statement should include your future goals, work experience you have within your major field, volunteer work, and professional association memberships.
  5. Three reference letters (see reference form) from individuals knowledgeable in the technical/academic qualifications or applicable work performance of the applicant. At least one of the reference letters must be from a professor or the applicant’s program advisor.  Letters of reference should be submitted directly to NETTCP or may be included in signed, sealed envelopes with the application materials.

Students awarded scholarships can re-apply for the scholarships in subsequent years, however, preference is given to students that have not already received a scholarship.  If there are not enough qualified undergraduate applicants to award the available scholarships, consideration will be given to students enrolled in a graduate program. 

Return the complete application and supporting materials to:                      

Applications should be submitted electronically to:

or Mail to :


P.O. Box 419

Winchendon, MA 01475

(800) 338-5535