Exam Only Option - Recertification

This option is only for individuals who have recertified at least once for a particular certification. This option is not allowed for first time recertification candidates.

Individuals looking to obtain recertification will have the option to take the exam only including any proficiency exams if applicable. Attending the recertification class instruction will be optional. Individuals must notify the NETTCP prior to the start of the course if they will attend the classroom portion of the course.

The exam only option will be the same cost of attending a traditional recertification course.

There is no retest allowed. If an individual does not pass the written exam for the exam only option, they will be required to attend a full certification course, complete, and pass the exam to retain their certification with the following exception:  If an individual does not pass one proficiency exam and passes the written and all other proficiency exams they will be allowed to retest on that one proficiency section only once. 

Failure of the exam only recertification option will be required to take the full certification course at full certification cost.

Please note that it is the individual’s responsibility to notify NETTCP of their desire to use this policy PRIOR to the start of the recertification course.