Retest must be completed within 6 months of the original exam date. 

There is only one retest allowed. If you fail your retest you must attend a new certification course and complete and pass the exam.  

If you failed the original exam overall score or failed any section of the written exam, you need to take the entire written exam over for your retest.  

Retests can be done in person at any up coming in person exam no matter what the subject.  The Retest can also be done virtually at any up coming Virtual exam of the same subject. Which ever one you choose the retest will be taken with the scheduled course exam and MUST be scheduled with us BEFORE you take your retest.  

Please EMAIL us at to schedule your retest.  

If there are no up coming classes retest will be scheduled based on our schedule either in person or Virtually.  Check our website as there maybe a retest schedule posted.    

Cost is $100