Quality Assurance Technologist

The Quality Assurance Technologist Certification Course is designed for those individuals responsible for interpreting and applying Quality Assurance Specifications in transportation construction. Recertification is achieved by attending and passing the complete Quality Assurance Technologist Certification Course. Suggested participants include the following: Contractor/Consultant Personnel: Plan Administrators, QC Managers, Senior QC Personnel Agency personnel: Project Managers, Resident Engineers, Senior QA Personnel

 Certification Process

  1. Meet the prerequisites below for taking the Quality Assurance Technologist Certification Course.
  2. select a course and register online.
  3. Attend the Quality Assurance Technologist Certification Course in its entirety.
  4. Successfully pass the written examination.

Course Prerequisites

  1. High School Diploma, G.E.D. or prior approval from NETTCP
  2. It is strongly recommended that candidates have prior education and training in quality assurance specifications and at least three years experience with transportation construction specifications.
  3. The registration form must be signed by a NETTCP certified Quality Assurance Technologist or the candidate’s supervisor that indicates they are aware of the experience recommendations.

Course Outline

AASHTO Process Recommended
Quality Assurance in Transportation Construction YES W
Evolution of Quality Assurance Specifications NO W
Elements of a Quality Assurance Program YES W
Contractor Roles NO W
Agency Roles NO W
Measuring Quality NO W
Math Terms and Rules YES W
Mathematical Tools NO W
Applications for Quality Control NO W
Applications for Acceptance and Payment NO W
Quality Assurance Implementation NO W


Course Exam

  1. Written Examination 
    • Open book examination
    • The exam is divided into four sections
      • Module I (30 points)
      • Module II (30 points)
      • Module 3 (40 points)
      • Module 4 (30 points)
    • Written examination must be completed within two (2) hours.
  1. Passing Grades for New Certification and Re-certification
    • Certification will be granted to a candidate who achieves a minimum grade of 70% for each section with an overall minimum grade of 80% for the entire examination.
  1. Re-examination Policies
    • A candidate failing the written examination will be required to retake the examination.
    • Only one (1) re-examination will be allowed.
    • Candidates failing the re-examination will be required to retake the entire certification course and examination at full cost.
    • The cost for a re-examination is $100.00 and re-examinations must be completed within six (6) months of the candidate’s initial examination date.


The Quality Assurance Technologist Recertification Course is a required course and examination for continued certification as a Quality Assurance Technologist. The course will include a review of important topics and instruction on changes in the industry, specifications and design build projects.
  • Cost:             Visit our Website www.nettcp.com
  • Course:         Two days classroom
  • Class Size:    15 – 30
  • Examination: Written

Re-Certification Process

  1. NETTCP Certified Quality Assurance Technologists wanting to maintain their certification are required to attend a re-certification course in its entirety and successfully pass the written examination. Select a course and register online.
  2. Any candidate who fails the re-certification exam and subsequent re-test is required to attend a new full certification course and pass the examination.